AzuraCast, paired with VPS hosting from, simplifies the setup and management of online radio stations. As an open-source, self-hosted web radio control suite, AzuraCast provides tools for managing multiple stations, automating playlists, and streaming audio effortlessly. Its user-friendly, web-based interface supports both Icecast and SHOUTcast streaming protocols, making it a versatile choice for broadcasters.

Features of AzuraCast:

  • Web-Based Management: Easily control your radio stations from any device via AzuraCast’s comprehensive web interface.
  • Auto DJ: Powered by Liquidsoap, Auto DJ keeps your music streaming continuously, ensuring that the station remains live even in the absence of a DJ.
  • Media Management: Utilize drag-and-drop functionality to organize media files, create playlists, and schedule content efficiently.
  • Listener Analytics: Access built-in analytics tools to track audience engagement and trends, allowing for data-driven improvements to your broadcasts.
  • Multi-Station Support: Manage several stations each with their unique settings and playlists under a single AzuraCast installation.

Why Choose for VPS Hosting: offers both Linux VPS and Container VPS hosting plans, ideal for applications like AzuraCast that require scalable, efficient, and isolated environments. Their services are designed to provide fast and reliable hosting solutions at competitive prices.

Advantages of’s Hosting Plans:

  • Customization and Control: Full root access allows users to extensively configure their hosting environment, essential for software like AzuraCast that may need specific server configurations.
  • Enhanced Security: VPS environments are isolated from one another, providing superior security compared to shared hosting. This is crucial for protecting your radio stations from external threats.
  • Scalability: With scalable options available in both Linux and Container VPS plans, you can easily adjust resources as your station grows, accommodating increases in listener numbers and media storage needs.
  • Efficiency with Container VPS: Technologies like Docker encapsulate applications in containers, streamlining deployment and management. This can significantly speed up the setup and scaling of AzuraCast installations.

Hosting AzuraCast on a VPS from offers a robust, secure foundation for any online broadcasting endeavor. Whether you choose a Linux VPS for its proven stability and control or a Container VPS for its deployment efficiency, equips you with powerful tools tailored to meet the demands of today’s digital content creators.

For detailed information on VPS options and to determine the best solution for your needs, visit’s Linux VPS and Container VPS pages.